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finalRender represents a major breakthrough in bringing the industry's latest rendering
technology to 3ds Max.

It's the first renderer for 3ds Max to offer a ​comprehensive,
true Hollywood quality rendering engine that works on pure GPU horsepower or pure CPU, as well as both technologies at the same time. finalRender's trueHybrid™' technology allows the user to experience all the power within ONE application. There is no need to use a different renderer method or secondary application to achieve the same​ ​outstanding​ ​results.
finalRender uses strict unbiased true ​Physically Based Spectral Rendering offering
unmatched image quality and realism in 3ds Max. Based on NVIDIA's latest CUDA
technology, fR is highly optimized and overcomes many of the limitations found in
other GPU-only or simple hybrid rendering approaches. finalRender simulates light
like it appears in the real world - replicating electromagnetic wavelengths. Standard
renderers in 3ds Max are not able to do this sort of rendering and this is why they are
not able to create physically, and scientifically-accurate renderings. Using a RGB color
model for rendering will result in approximation of colors and light that are physically
inaccurate. Non-spectral image renderers are not physically correct and it cannot
provide​ ​reliable​ ​results.

Spectral Rendering is not restricted to rendering within the spectrum of human vision.
Spectral rendering can calculate all kinds of wavelength data, such as exposure to UVs,
radiative heating, and much more. Which means greater control and more creative

Unbiased path-tracing rendering methods do offer many benefits when creating
photorealistic imagery, however, the time it takes to render such images would be
considerably longer than with biased rendering methods, especially if you are
rendering without a dedicated GPU hardware. In order to resolve this, cebas
finalRender introduces a ​trueHybrid™ rendering ​to enable transparent and effortless
blend between all existing rendering worlds without compromise. In the case of
unbiased path-tracing, what this means is that finalRender offers a combined
CPU/GPU rendering mode that will leverage the power of all available processor units, be it any CPU core or any GPU core, to render an image in a truly unbiased,
scientifically-accurate​ ​path-tracing​ ​method.

Note that with ​calculated realism and greater accuracy comes less work, less
reiterations​ ​and​ ​saves​ ​production​ ​time​ ​and​ ​money.


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