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SOup interactive
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SOuP for Maya

SOuP is a rich toolset of sophisticated data generators and modifiers that extend the procedural (and many other) capabilities of Maya.

Here are (only) a few features:

Filling holes in mesh objects the right way.

Optimizations in regards to Parallel Graph Evaluation.

Bug fixes related to specific cases with input components functionality. Small performance optimizations.

smooth, smoothSimple
Properly handle weight maps with less elements than the number of points in the deformed geometry.

Improved stability and scalability for handling dense meshes over big frame range, added deletion for framerange in addition to the existing current frame only.

Important fix in the mesh generator when in "unoriented point cloud" mode.

Work around a new problem, specific to Maya2017+, where connecting one top level multi-attribute to another top level one can lead to an instant crash.

Properly handle lamina faces.

Here are videos with some features!


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